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Sawdust Briquette Machine

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Brief introduction of Sawdust Briquette Machine:

The sawdust briquetting machine is mainly suitable for the compression of corn cob, wood chips, wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husks, cottonseed hulls, peanut shells, leaves, branches and crushed wheat straw, straw, cotton stalks, etc. Easy to store and reduce transportation costs.

Product advantages:

1. Sawdust briquetting machine adopts hydraulic transmission, horizontal horizontal bagging, high output, low equipment failure rate and stable operation.

2. The pump station is equipped with a pressure gauge, which shows that the pressure during operation is more intuitive; the oil tank is equipped with an oil level display table, which can visually display the change of oil quantity, and has an electric heater function (optional) to prevent hydraulic pressure during winter start. The oil is too thick to damage the pump; the tank volume is large enough to dissipate heat during operation, in case the oil temperature in the summer is too high, the oil pressure is reduced or the seal is damaged.

3. Hydraulic cylinder is designed and manufactured according to the standard of heavy machine, reliable quality, long service life, usually used for 20 years no problem, if the seal is to life, just replace the seal.

4. The box body is made by welding the thick steel plate after machining, and the stress is eliminated. The strength is not easy to open and the service life is long, so both the inner quality and the appearance quality are very good.

The requirement of the raw material:
diameter (size): 3-5mm ( if can not meet the requirement, it will need a crusher to crushing the raw material
moisture: 8-12%, (if can not meet the requirement, it will need a dryer)
no much impurity in the raw material

Parameter of Sawdust Briquette Machine:










Net weight



Electrical Heater Motor power



Size Outside



Diameters of product

50 mm

50 mm

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